Pavlov's Cat (othellia) wrote in aws_icons,
Pavlov's Cat

Who Rumble (Round 3) - 15 icons

So, fell a bit behind but next batch of DW Season 6 icons should be up tomorrow. In the meantime, something I've been meaning to post, my entries for the last Who Rumble.

There's another Who Rumble just starting and sign ups are closed, but votes are always appreciated and it's fun to see all the different entires. So check it out.


01-05 (free style, no eyes, running, multi-screenshot, companions)

06-10 (behind the scenes, christmas, crossover, dream casting, shipping)

11-15 (rejects)

Tags: tv: doctor who
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I like rejects, crossover, dream casting and run.
Amazing set. I snagged some and will credit.
I love the rejects, also no eyes and companions.