Pavlov's Cat (othellia) wrote in aws_icons,
Pavlov's Cat

25 icons and 6 GIFs from Legend of Korra Trailer

So the new Legend of Korra trailer came out. Icons and GIFs, of course, were inevitable.


Still Icons

06 & 07

Animated Icons





I'll make more GIFs once higher quality trailers are released. Let me know if anyone wants any requests. Enjoy!
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i think i'll be taking number two, thank you :D
Taking 2 and 18! Wonderful job on them! squeals at all the Koraa news I will definitely credit when used :D
Thanks! And just since I saw you using it at my screencap post, I noticed that a couple of my animated icons (#2 included) had some extra duplicate frames that sneaked in, making it look like the animation freezes slightly at different spots. I fixed them and although I don't know if anyone else will notice the difference, I thought you should know incase you do. <3
these are really good
ZOMG, makes me even more excited :D
Oh, and as far as that higher quality trailer...
Thank you! I'm going out for dinner now, but I probably make some GIFs with this before I go to bed. :D

(Of course my timezone's bed time is everybody else's morning and afternoon.)
THESE ARE GORGEOUS. ♥ Snagging some gifs.
Drive-by shadow girls love!
Yessss. ♥ I just may have to change my angry Azula icon to angry Korra at some point. Thanks so much for these!
Lovely! :D
AUGH, So Gorgeous! And they're even small enough to fit on LJ. <33333 Taking all the animations, will credit when used. <333
Thank you! Making LJ icons that fit within a cusp of the 40kb mark seems to be my specialty nowadays. xD

I'll be making/posting more GIFs and still icons tomorrow, now that I have a copy of the high quality trailer. :D
Thank you for the gifs! They're amazing. Snagging a couple :D
Snagged a couple icons. Will credit when I use them. Thanks! :D
Thank you, snagged so many! They're all wonderful I wish I had the icon space...
Snagged a few! These are amazing and will credit when used. :)
Yay, Korra stuff! :D Will be ganking some icons, many thanks!
These are lovely, might be taking some :) Great work, will give credit!