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37 icons from Doctor Who; 9 from Game of Thrones

Well August and September went by in a flash. I'll get back to posting usually funny/gif icons eventually; school's been kicking my butt for now.

In the meantime, I did a 20in20 and who_rumble again as well as some stuff for throneland awhile back, so figured I'd post the stuff from that. A bit different from my normal fare, but I like them.


Doctor Who 20in20
For the now deceased, docwholand comm.
1-5 (once upon a time, a dark and stormy night, happily ever after, love at first sight, true love's kiss)

6-10 (negative space, close crop, split screen, texture, single color)

11-15 (emotion; one per season)

16-20 (artist's choice)

who_rumble Round 4
1-5 (artist's choice, costumes, TARDIS, outdoors/blue, companions)

6-10 (artist's/mod's choice x2, i ship it, crossovers x 2)

11-15 (dream casting; final set of 6 - one icon per season w/ connecting theme)


Game of Thrones
1-5 (air, fire, water, earth, water/ice/snow)

6-9 (red, yellow, blue, & "red icon before I turn it red")
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