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AWS Icons

Avatar Withdrawal Symptom Icons
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Random icons. Mostly Avatar: the Last Airbender related.

Welcome to AWS Icons, a small icon community I started back in the spring of '07 when I realized that not only was the third season of Avatar not out yet, but it wasn't coming for a long time. AWS stands for Avatar Withdrawal Syndrome, and it was at its peak during the show's nine and a half month hiatus.
Since this started as an Avatar centric community, I still try to keep it that way. Nevertheless, the community has expanded to include a variety of shows and movies. Complete list can be found in my interests and the tags.

Credit the stuff you snag either to othellia or aws_icons.
Comments are loved, but not required.
Textless icons can be used as bases.
NO hotlinking. You have no idea how many pictures are on my photobucket account. I don't need any more bandwidth stress.

Other Stuff
Currently I'm going through my Avatar: Re-Icon Project. Each week I progress through the episodes of Avatar, creating 20-30 icons for each episode. At this rate, I will be finished with the entire series in a little over a year.
Also, AWS Icons now has a twin community: aws_fic.

2007 banner found here.
2009 banner found here.