Pavlov's Cat (othellia) wrote in aws_icons,
Pavlov's Cat

390+ Screencaps (1272x720) from the Legend of Korra Trailer

More GIFs and icons to come some time tomorrow since I found a high quality trailer, but for now I'm sharing 254 screencaps from the Legend of Korra trailer for my fellow icon/graphic makers. Sorry for the non-ATLA fans who watch this journal, but it is called AWS icons for a reason. It's been three years, but my Avatar Withdrawal Syndrome is coming back.

All screencaps are 1272x720. There are three separate download links due to size. (I need to find out how to batch convert png to high quality jpg...)

Download Links - Everything is from MediaFire; please let me know if anything breaks!
Part One, Part Two, Part Three

Bonus YAY I FOUND OUT A SIMPLE METHOD OF BATCH CONVERSION File (basically part two and three combined at half the file size with about a hundred extra caps)

Samples (click for full size)

Tags: other: screencaps, tv: legend of korra
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