Pavlov's Cat (othellia) wrote in aws_icons,
Pavlov's Cat

New Land Comm Pimpage

So part of the reason I've been busy has been school. The other more minor reason has been my introduction to land comms. What's a land comm?

It's a kind of themed community where users sign up and get sorted into teams and then compete in those teams doing challenges every week that include a combination of writing, graphics, puzzles, you name it! It's really fun, you meet a lot of new LJ members, and the competition always keeps things interesting.

Since the demise of the old Doctor Who land comm, a new one has risen out of the ashes regenerated, parallelearth.

There are three teams: the Agents, the Adventurers, and the Defenders. As I'm the mod for the Defenders, obviously that is the best team and - if you're interested in joining - that's the team you should ask to be a part of. Because it's the best. [/completely non-biased opinion]

But seriously, the more people the more fun and if you like Doctor Who, we'd love for you to take part!

(You may now resume normal f-list activities.)
Tags: tv: doctor who
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